Stoneleigh-Burnham MORE: Meet Our Remote Experience

With the decision to deliver our mission remotely in Fall 2020, SBS has developed a comprehensive distance learning program (“SBS MORE”). Here are just a few of its key features:

  1. We have moved to a new learning management systemCanvas, widely used at high schools and universities and accessible around the world, and our faculty have completed an intensive training program in online teaching through One Schoolhouse.
  2. We have evaluated and designed our courses through the lens of distance learning to better serve our students’ interests, abilities, and circumstances.
  3. We have developed formal co-curricular programs and class meetings, including DEI work, remote social events for students, wellness and physical activity programming, and strong student support systems.
  4. We have continued our strong college counseling and academic support services.
  5. We fully support students in a variety of time zones.

Learn more by watching the videos below.

In this 6+ minute video, SBS Assistant Head of School for Community and Program Shawn Durrett gives a brief overview about our high-quality distance learning program, faculty professional development, and unique remote experience for students.
This 37-minute webinar includes detailed information about back-to-school plans, class schedules, online curriculum, technology requirements, counseling, athletics, community activities, class meetings, academic support, college counseling, and more.